Talking to A Client That Refuses To Pay

Of course, when conducting business, money is greatly involved. It is what is used to pay for the products and services after all. The monetary gain can then be utilised for capital or basically for the betterment of the company.

But what do you do if a particular customer does not pay for the assistance you have provided for them? And say, for painters, what if you already have done your job: you have fixed the wall flaws and finished with the painting but still the client ignores all that effort by not compensating you?

Establish an agreement

First things first, before starting any work, you should be able to openly discuss all aspects about the work you are to do with your customer. This then includes the payment – when and how they will remit the money. You must be firm while dealing with this but do it with professionalism. Talk to them with much respect. Having a written contract can make things official. Enter in all necessary details of the transaction. If you do this early on and this happens, you can just show the legal paper to your client. You may seem to be scaring them but even so, you are still just reminding them about their responsibilities.

Contact them via phone or meet up personally

The first time your customer refuses to pay, take the time to sit and get in touch with them. A text message or an email will not suffice; use the phone and talk with them. Better yet, you should even arrange a meet up to deal with the current situation. Ask them what is with them not paying and if there are any problems. Again, speak in calm and honorific tones. It may just be because they simply forgot, so do not dress them down immediately because that will offend them. The customers may not always be right but it still stands that they deserve much courtesy.

Anyhow, as both parties get together, you can come up with a specific date when the payment will be next due. Allow him or her to have more on a say on when it will be to make them more liable about this.

Remind them a lot

If they still do not reimburse your services even after the newly agreed date, it is time to raise the bar by calling them, not just once but many times. Persist in reminding them they still have a deposit to make. Maybe their embarrassment will speed things up but in any case, you have to unfaltering in getting hold of them, so that they will pay already.

Write a formal letter

If payment is still considerably delayed, the best that you can do is write a formal letter addressed to them. State and break down everything, plus the interests. Express that they are in breach of contract.

Whether you are decorators, designers and other folks who provide topnotch help and maintenance, stand tall because you deserve to be paid.

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